Company formation in Poland

In Poland, companies and partnerships may be established in a traditional way, as well as via the Internet (in electronic form). Radkiewicz Lawyers Poland supports entrepreneurs in establishing both partnerships (registered partnership, professional partnership, limited partnership and limited joint-stock partnership) and companies (limited liability company and joint-stock company). We also provide advice on corporate mergers, divisions and transformations.

In addition, Radkiewicz Lawyers Poland offers day-to-day legal support to companies and partnerships, including with regard to management board and supervisory board meetings, shareholders’ meetings, amendments to partnership agreements, articles of association and internal regulations, as well as the redemption and pledging of shares. We provide advice concerning the protection of minority investors. We support clients in establishing and winding up branches, representative offices, foundations and associations.

Our services include advice regarding corporate mergers, divisions and transformations. We offer consultancy in relation to transactions involving the acquisition of shares, enterprises or individual assets, with a particular focus on legal analysis of business undertakings aimed at identifying potential transaction-related risks.

Partnership formation

The basic regulations governing the operation of all partnerships are the provisions of the Polish Commercial Companies Code concerning the registered partnership. While all types of partnerships share some characteristics with the registered partnership, there are also features specific exclusively to each of the types.

In order for a registered partnership to be incorporated in Poland, an application must be filed with the registration court (i.e. the district court competent for the partnership’s registered office) containing:

  1. the business name of the partnership;
  2. its registered office and address;
  3. its objects;
  4. the names and addresses of the partners;
  5. details of persons authorised to represent the partnership;
  6. the partnership’s representation rules.

These are the basic elements of the application. With regard to the other types of partnerships, these positions are modified accordingly, and the scope of the information required for the registration is extended. For example, in case of a professional partnership, apart from the information referred to above, the application must also specify the partners’ profession, the details of the holders of the commercial power of attorney (prokura), the members of the management board (if any) and the partners bearing unlimited liability for the partnership’s obligations. The application must also be accompanied by the original of the partnership agreement.

Registered partnership and professional partnership agreements may be executed in a simple written form, while a limited partnership agreement and a limited joint-stock partnership agreement require the form of a notarial deed. However, registration of each partnership via the Internet, may be based on a standard form contract. It is worth noting that all partnerships are formed at the moment of registration and not at the moment of concluding the partnership agreement.

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Registration of companies

Our law firm also supports clients in establishing limited liability companies and joint-stock companies in Poland. Limited liability companies may be registered in an ordinary mode or in a simplified mode – by executing the articles of association in a standard form available in the ICT system. For a limited liability company to be registered, contributions covering its entire share capital need to be made. The body entitled to file for the company’s registration with the court is its management board. 

The formation of a joint-stock company requires its incorporation, making the contributions covering its entire share capital, establishing its governing bodies (management board and supervisory board) and making an entry in the National Court Register (KRS). The articles of association of a joint-stock company are drawn up in the form of a notarial deed, and the company itself is established when all shares are taken up. 

Company formation in Poland –Warsaw

To conclude, if you are interested in registering a business enterprise in Poland but you are not sure which type of organisational structure would best suit your needs, or if you want to avoid making a mistake when filling out official forms – given the required formalities to be complied with – do not hesitate to contact Radkiewicz Lawyers Poland. Out team assists clients in the partnership and company registration process. To this end, we draw up partnership agreements and articles of association, prepare the necessary documentation and submit applications to the National Court Register. We help our clients choose the most appropriate legal form for conducting their business activity, considering their individual needs. Contact us – our office is located at 59 Złota Street (00-120) in Warsaw. To reach us by phone, please call: +48 22 489 52 65.

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