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Kamil Radkiewicz


  • founder of Radkiewicz Lawyers Poland;
  • before starting his own practice, he gained professional experience in reputable law firms and legal departments of large organisations;
  • he specialises in broadly defined economic law;
  • he has advised a number of businesses, notably from the following sectors: media (press, radio, television), publishing, automotive and chemical sectors (e.g. cleaning products, cosmetics and biofuel manufacturers), transport, telecommunications, food (e.g. breweries), hotel, real estate development, retail, clothing and waste management industries;
  • he has provided advice on such issues as real estate transactions, consumer rights (prohibited clauses), competition law (e.g. market concentrations or restructuring of a car dealership network), unfair competition (e.g. slotting fees, brand protection and misleading advertising), copyright law, public procurement, personal data protection, protection of personal rights and board members’ liability;
  • he has negotiated contracts in the field of new technologies, among other areas;
  • he has represented clients before courts in cases concerning employee matters and debt collection, to name a few;
  • he has dealt with such issues as company registration and company restructuring;
  • Business Centre Club expert;
  • fluent in English;
  • member the Polish Competition Law Association and the Warsaw Bar Association.

Anna Patryniak-Wróbel


  • specialist in labour law and personal data protection law;
  • she conducts audit of companies with regard to their compliance with data protection regulations;
  • she has completed postgraduate studies in the field of protection of personal data and classified information;
  • fluent in English;
  • member of the Warsaw Bar Association.

Martyna Curyło


  • specialist in economic law;
  • she provides day-to-day legal advice to partnerships and companies on corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions;
  • she has extensive litigation experience in cases related to economic matters;
  • fluent in English;
  • member of the Bar Association.

Małgorzata Szlezingier


  • specialist in telecommunications, internet, competition, administrative and litigation law;
  • she has worked at the Office of Electronic Communications, the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, as well as for a number of renowned law firms;
  • she has provided advice on telecommunications law in such matters as the granting of frequencies and numbers, broadband Internet access (BSA), local loop unbundling, penalties imposed on operators, imposing of regulatory obligations; in addition, she has negotiated, among others, InterConnect network agreements and leased lines agreements; she acted in proceedings before the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications;
  • she has provided legal services to companies from the FMCG sector, as well as publishing and fuel sectors; notably, she has advised on transactions related to mergers and acquisitions and represented clients in compensation and expropriation proceedings;
  • she has published in the “Prawo i Ekonomia w Telekomunikacji” (Law and Economy in Telecommunications) quarterly;
  • fluent in English;
  • member of the Warsaw Bar Association.

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